Thursday, December 26, 2013

Making Christmas, making Christmas, fa-la-la...

Happy holidays, to one and all.

On the holiday end of things, my kids got me some DA Vets and a sweet Land Speeder Vengeance that I started putting together last night, accompanied by Netflix and some cheap scotch. I'm going to be magnetizing it to work as a Vengeance (because giant plasma guns) or a Darkshroud (because flying cathedral).

The real winner of Christmas was Games Workshop my wife, who was gifted around 800 points worth of Dark Eldar. She's dived into the hobby in a big way- it's really pretty cool.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pre-Holiday Update...

I haven't got much hobbying done in the last month, what with preparing for the holidays and dealing with weird weather. I've mostly painted the other two biker dudes from the DV box, but as you can see they still need the 'hard parts'- touchup, highlighting, and bare skin.

I don't like painting faces.

At any rate, some progress is being made on the Dark Angels. I'll start working on the second tac squad and a Rhino in a few days. And my excellent wife decided that she wanted to start a Dark Eldar army, "if you don't mind me getting involved in your hobby."

Yeah, I'm pretty much the luckiest guy in the world.