Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Steps

I snuck in a minute, and did some final touch-up on my Dread. I can now say that finally, for the first time since my eyes rebelled, I have finished something.




Now, I feel like I need an awesome banner for the top of my page, too...


  1. I'm happy you were able to get him finished despite the trouble you've had with your eyes. Is your eyesight improving? The dreadnought looks really cool, I like your choice of colors a lot. Nice work, I hope your eyes cooperate and that you are able to do more painting.

  2. Thanks for the props! As for my eyes, well... since the infection cleared up (on it's own, no insurance means no meds) it seems like I've had a lot more 'floaters' in my vision, which has me a little worried. I have horrible eyesight to begin with, and this is not really helping.

    I'm due for a regular optometrist checkup soonish, maybe they'll figure something out when my eyes are dilated.

  3. Cheers Joe. Looking good. These colors are really working for me.