Sunday, February 10, 2019

Hellblasters, Intercessors, and Filthy Heretics

Last month I finished the Dark Imperium Intercessor squad, the Hellblasters (and ordered another squad of DI Hellblasters from eBay). I painted up some Knights of Casterly Rock from CMONs Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game for a co-worker, and I primed and basecoated the Dark Imperium traitor marines (they'll be in the same orange scheme as all my chaos dudes). I finished painting one of the 'raptor claw' Chaos Terminators, I just need to find the right blood filling for his base, and I also started on 2 squads of Devastators for my Dark Angels.

Of course, I painted the bullet babies first.

I have one final squad of Tactical Marines to build, and I guess that will be the last one I do, ever. It's pretty obvious that they just won't be usable in the game for much longer, but it seems a shame to not at least paint them and have them around for display.

Anyway, enough ruminating. Here's pictures.

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