Saturday, May 11, 2019

So... what have I painted since February? Quite a bit, by my standards. Take a look.

First up were some Devastators- one unit of lascannons and one unit of heavy bolters. I actually got a chance to play a game against Tyranids a couple weeks ago, and I'm glad I had the lascannons- they took out a Tyrannofex in the first round. It was the only thing that went right the whole game!

I gave the Dark Imperium lieutenant some Dark Angels bitz, and tried to use the airbrush to do the classic power sword fade. It came out okay... I'm hoping it gets better with practice.

I gave Librarian Turmeil a new jump pack (magnetized, natch). He might have been useful against the 'Nids, if I didn't keep forgetting the psychic phase.

When I found out that I would be playing 'Nids I decided that I should probably get a flamer in my list somewhere- when I started looking, I realized that I didn't have any aside from this old Battle for Macragge dude. I also painted up an Assault on Black Reach missile launcher to keep him company.

I also got my hands on an old metal Terminator Chaplain on eBay. He came out pretty good, I think-

He's going to give these Hammernators some rerolls. These guys were also from eBay. I got them for $9 shipped. They were in pretty rough shape but stripping the thick old paint off, some command squad bitz, and a little fresh paint got them looking decent. It's just too bad that I didn't realize that they can't take missile launchers anymore.

My whole Deathwing to date-

I also chopped up the old metal assault marine (that Turmiel's jump pack came from) and made him a Tactical Sergeant with a big-ol' banner. I'm not sure that I like all the different white fabrics together, but I'm not sure that I don't like them either. I just finished this guy up a few minutes before posting this.

This isn't even everything- I also finished up all the Blackstone Fortress bad guys and a few of the explorers, but I'm going to do a post just for that once everything is done. Up next, though, are some Lannisters from CMONs Song of Ice and Fire minis game that I told a co-worker I'd batch out for him.

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