Monday, January 27, 2014

I thought landspeeders were supposed to be fast.

I haven't been completely idle, lately- I've been slogging away on my magnetized Landspeeder Vengeance/Darkshroud. It's just going very slowly.

VERY slowly.

At any rate, here's where I am so far with the painting.

The Plasma Storm Battery and Relic of Caliban thingy are magnetized to the turret (which required a bit of cutting into the bottom of the relic (which I haven't started painting yet(yay, nested parenthesis!))) and the pulpit gunner's arms are replaceable to swap out between the heavy bolter option and the assault cannon using a spare rhino gunner arm bit and 1/8" neodymium magnets. I used spare 'plain' Ravenwing pauldrons so that both sets would look the same (the Vengeance pilot and gunners come with some fancy-looking torsos and shoulder pads- I saved almost all of the shoulder pads and one of the torsos for other projects).

The pulpit gunner, heavy bolter-

-and assault cannon.

It looks like it's going to work out well. My only concern is that the paint on the torso might get worn as the arms get swapped out for play and storage, but I guess time will tell.

Oh, yeah. Gratuitous cat shot.

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