Monday, February 3, 2014

Finally finished- magnetized Land Speeder Vengeance / Ravenwing Darkshroud

After entirely too many hours of agony, self-doubt, and abject terror, my Landspeeder Vengeance / Ravenwing Darkshroud is finally to a point that I can finally say without too much embarassment that is is done enough for me.

The paint is nothing special, even though it took me forever. Just a lot of basecoats and 'talent in a bottle' (and more than a little courage in a bottle), and some lazily-applied edge highlighting here and there. The fact of the matter is that I am very uncomfortable painting black at the moment- but I should certainly get over it, since I've got another 3 DV Ravenwing guys to paint, as well as some Black Knights.

Anyway. Here's some poorly-lit pictures. I'm not immensely proud, but I'm not embarrassed, either, and that's got to be worth something, right?

*I have no idea why this picture is rotated- it isn't anywhere except on this post. I reckon everybody can deal with it.

Right now on the Dark Angels bench, I've got a second DV tac squad, a Rhino, and the DV Captain and Librarian. Once those are done a think I might take a break from the Sons of the Lion and work on some Orks (I've got a box full of Boyz primed) or some Chaos jerks for a change of pace.

Until next time!

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