Monday, February 10, 2014

Dark Vengeance HQs- OR: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Get It Done

Librarian Turmiel and Company master Balthazar from the Dark Vengeance set did not go as well as I'd hoped, over all.

Things that, specifically, ended poorly were everything metallic (it's probably time to try out Vallejo's metallic medium or maybe even their alcohol-based metallics), their swords, and anything white (which, on these models, is about half of what you actually see).

I tried not to let it bother me too much, though. I figure that I can obsess over what's not going right and spend days and days fighting with it and still not be happy with the result, or I can just power through it and learn my lessons for the next model. I've got enough real world stress going on that I don't need to bring it into my leisure activities.

On the positive side of things I was fairly happy with the blue of Turmiel's power armor- it's Plaid Folk Art 'Brilliant Ultramarine' with a dark blue GW wash. The Ultramarine goes on really smooth at about a 50/50 mix with water, though it looks like I'll need to find something a bit lighter to highlight the edges to give him some volume. The green of Balthazar's suit is the same as I use for my tactical dudes. I spray them with a Krylon dark green as a primer/basecoat, and then highlight with various PFA greens and then a Thrakka Green (I guess it's Biel-Tan Green now) wash to bring it down a bit.

Also, I need to find my actual camera. I suspect it was lost when we moved into the new house. These cellphone pics just aren't cutting it- the paint is sketchy enough on it's own!

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