Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Buy Gryphonne Sepia...

I was on my way to the local GW today, to pick up some Gryphonne Sepia to try that sepia-over-silver method of painting gold.

I'm speeding down Highway 99 at about 50 or 55, when I see something fall off the bottom of this SUV about 100 feet in front of me. For the first instant I think it's a rag or something, but then just before it hits the road I realize that it has four little legs...

Holy crap! A kitten is falling off of an Expedition, on the highway!

I hit my brakes, flip on my hazard lights and pull over. Jump out of the car (after looking to make sure I wasn't going to get run over, of course), and go over to the lump on the road fully expecting to find a seriously injured, or dead, kitten. And what happens? It hisses at me and runs away!

I followed it to the side of the road and pick it up by the scruff of the neck and wrap it up in my shirt, and drive over to my girlfriend's mother's house. We wound up taking the cat to the vet (she's fine by the way, miraculously there were no injuries) where she got the name 'Suvee'.

Cute, huh?

Anyway. That's the truncated story of how I went to buy a sepia wash, and came back with a kitten.


  1. LOL @ Sonsoftaurus' comment.

    Did you wind up keeping it?

  2. Sweet! Sadly enough, growing up in the country, I know how cats love to crawl up into wheel wells and engine blocks of vehicles in the summer for shade (and winter if the engine is warm). They don't often get out of the car before someone puts it into gear. :(

  3. W39.9k- Yeah, we sure did. I think her hair is going to be too soft to make a decent brush, so I supposed she'll just have to be a housepet.

    Oh well. :-D

    Pavonis- It had been raining really hard on Friday and Saturday. I'm guessing she had crawled up in the engine bay or over the axle to get out of the rain, and the poor thing just couldn't hold on at highway speeds.

  4. That is a fantastic story. I think pathetic circumstance is how cats infiltrate the human home.