Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Small Victories

No pun intended.

With my four kids, my full-time job (that comes with a 3-hour round trip commute and not enough money), my band, my messy house, and my yard that's always in need of a good mowing, I tend to take my hobby victories where I can find them.

With that in mind, I am tickled tentacle pink that I finished my AoBR terminators (aside from the sergeant, who I would like to insure gets a killer paintjob).

As always, I noticed bunches of issues once the pic was taken (like the eyes... ugh. Always the eyes), and I plan on revisiting the highlighting once I've got some more brush time. Highlights and shadows have always been a problem or me; I grew up building scale models, and you just don't do highlights on scale models.

Anyway, there's some Marines Cruor Dexter in Tactical Dreadnought armor. And, since my Battle for Macragge tac squad got stripped down for the Apocrypha Project, they are all that remains...

Ominous. I better get some more painted up.

Right after I mow the lawn.

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