Sunday, September 8, 2013

Apocrypha Project V- Dark Angels. Because Dark Angels.

Holy wow, that's an awful-looking Dark Angel, especially considering everybody and theor dog is publishing really excellent 'How To...' posts and videos for Dark Angels right now.

Anyway. The major reason it's rotten is that it's an old Battle for Macragge tac marine that's been stripped and repainted at least once before (this is it's second, or possibly third paintjob). Also, I purposefully rushed through him to get an idea of how long it might take me to paint up a DA army to a 'three foot' standard (not long, as it turns out). Enough excuses- here's the steps I used so you can avoid them.

1. Basecoat/prime the model using dark green Krylon Fusion spray. Let this stuff dry overnight. 2. Green highlights using Plaid Folk Art Kelly Green (407), thinned with water. 3. Wash greens in Citadel Thrakka Green. 4. Reds painted with PFA True Burgundy (456). 5. Metallics in P3 Pig Iron. 6. Reds, metallics, and deep recesses in green areas washed in Citadel Badab Black. 7. Reds highlighted in Citadel Scab Red. 8. Metallics highlighted (poorly!) with P3 Pig Iron. 9. Whites (chest Aquila and backpack skull) in PFA Linen (420) and then washed before totally dry with Citadel Devlin Mud. I find that washing these colors before they are totally dry gives the washes a little more 'bite', making the end result look a little more like old bone- or gnarly teeth, in the case of Orks. 10. Not-quite-dry-brush the base in whatever burnt sienna and yellow ocher you have at hand. Full strength here, no need to thin. Then I painted the edge of the base burnt umber.

So there you have it- ten or so quick, easy steps to a not-quite-ruined Dark Angel tactical marine. I didn't include the eyes (because I balled them up) or the transfers (because they tore...) but whatevs. You get the picture. The chapter markings are moulded in on the DV box set, anyway.

Here they are, all together- the 5 completed(ish) models for this project so far-

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