Monday, September 16, 2013

Last Week in Paint

Or: Never Mind the White Scar

So... Super Dungeon Explore is the greatest board game ever. My kids and I all love it, and my wife is even willing to play occasionally. Here's a Royal Paladin- I had to fake some skintone paint and it came uot a little chunky. I'm terrified of the eyes, but I've ordered a couple of itty-bitty Army Painter brushes to give them a shot.

Also, I slapped a little PFA True Burgundy and another few layers of Citadel Liche Purple onto the Predator Cruor Dexter (it looks ashy here, but that's just because the white balance of the photo is jacked). Once I get it blinged out, it ought to look pretty sharp.

Speaking of bling- does anybody have an opinion on Vallejo's 'liquid gold' alcohol-based paint? It seems lke all of my metallics have gone rubbery and I'm thinking of upgrading.

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