Saturday, April 10, 2010

The First is the Worst... I Hope.

This is the first piece I've painted from the AoBR set, and it's also the first terminator I've ever painted. At first I wasn't sure how the Marines Cruor Dexter pant scheme would carry over to the larger model, but I am more than happy with it (my technique, not so much).

I'm not totally sold on the bisected shieldamajig, but I think that's more a case of me balling it up than the design being flawed. Perhaps on the next one I'll make sure that the gold separation is a little more centered, an maybe do a super fine black line on either side of the gold stripe to really make it pop. As it is, it sort of blends in, especially with the red half.

I'm ecstatic with the way the gold details came out on this model. It's probably not noticeable to anyone other than myself, but it's a huge improvement over what I've done in the past and I really like the way it looks. The gold areas were basecoated with Snakebite Leather, then Dwarf Bronze. Then the whole model was drowned in Badab Black, the gold was given a dose of Chestnut Ink, and then highlighted with Burnished Gold.

I think it looks fantastic, and even more so from about 3 feet away (especially the Crux Terminatus). And that's exactly what I was going for... just ignore the unpainted purity seal. Oops.

Of course, this sot from the rear really illustrates how much I need to work on my highlighting. Not just brush technique, but also visualization. I failed here... but I'll fix it, and get it right the first time on the other 4 I have to paint.

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