Friday, March 12, 2010

Mini Resolutions

1- I will thin my paint, and paint using multiple coats rather than glopping it on in one thick sheet.

2- I will not paint directly from the pot. Unless I'm drybrushing. Seriously, how am I supposed to drybrush using thinned paints, anyway? Why not go straight from the pot?

3- I will not buy overpriced hobby paints, and instead use el cheapo craft paint like Plaid's Folk Art line of (ahem) "artist pigments". Well... Except for metallics. And GW Liche Purple. Oh, and maybe some GW Hawk Turquoise, so that I can finally finish those Banshees that have been sitting in a box for years.

4- I will stop priming miniatures with black. At least, as soon as this spray can of black primer is empty. So... 2015-ish? I've had pretty good luck using gesso as a primer coat on metal miniatures, and it's really really cheap.

5- I will paint. And paint. And paint.

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