Friday, March 26, 2010

Next Up...

Now that the Great Comic Adventure is done-ish (plans changed, in the interest of celerity I'll be trying to sell the comics in bulk rather than singly), I can get back to painting.

Next on the table? A Blood Bowl team that I had forgotten that I owned.

Where did they come from? I have no idea. I suppose that they must have passed through Musabelle's (the shop briefly mentioned in my last post) on some point during their journey into my hands. So, that would make them roughly as old as dirt. I found them, resting in the foam tray in their box pretty as you please, complete with age-yellowed waterslide decals. The only thing missing was their bases.

I popped over to the local GW and picked up a mixed bag of bases for a few bucks. A little too expensive for teensy plastic discs, but it was a decent assortment and not as much as I was expecting to pay. All told I was pretty happy... until I actually opened the bag and looked at the 25mm bases.

I realize this is picking nits, but when I pay such a relatively astronomical amount for such an infinitesimal bit of plastic, I expect it to be notable only in it's complete and total lack of flaws.



  1. Hey mate, That is a drop base you have got your self there. So called due to the molding process. I actually like it better than the "standard" bases as you often find a bit of flash around the edges of the base that need cleaning up as well as the point from which you clip it. As I can get overly pedantic about these things I love the drop bases and am always trying to scout out more of them as I can literally glue the model straight into the base without needing to clean the base at all! Once it's all flocked and painted you can't tell the difference and the only time I personally would have a problem with it would be possibly for wanting a smooth surface for water effects, etc but then I would be pinning my model to a base without the slotta-tab. Anyway, each to their own. :)

    ps, nice blog. keep it coming!

  2. I can see where you'd prefer these over the others. Now that I've actually used a few of them, the 'dimple' really doesn't affect anything once I get some glue and ballast over it.