Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where Have All the Junior Officers Gone?

If the Lieutenant Varras figure is any indication, they have all been staff officers for far too long to harbor any hope of command.

He looks alright in the preview pic, but if you view the larger pic you can tell that I made a proper fist of his eyes (so, you know, don't view the larger pic). I was initially not gong to do the eyes, and in retrospect, perhaps I shouldn't have. All I can hope for is that adding irises (with a micron pen, natch) will make them look a little more alive.

Dead eyes, Chief. Like a doll's eyes.

Like some horrible pistol-packin' Betsy Wetsy. Clearly, his left side is his good less awful side.

I tried to do some highlighting and shading on this guy. I think it's a good start, especially on his coat. At this point I'm still afraid that I will push the highlights too far past the midtone, so I find myself playing it safe and stopping too soon. I know that to really make it 'pop' I need to get the highlights closer to pure white but I just can't bring myself to jump off the cliff.


But this whole thing raises a question in my mind- What about Space Marine junior officers? I mean, this dude is supposed to be a lieutenant, but there are no junior officers in Codex: Space Marines. It seems like they should be available as a cheap HQ option for low-point games, or something.

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  1. I do not believe that the good Varras is supposed to be a battle brother. I think he is an officer in their naval forces and is a human. I will have to go back and look at his stat sheet. SM do need a Senior Sergeant level character to use as HQ since almost all non apoc games are sub company size.