Monday, March 22, 2010

Painting Preventon Partially Prohibits Posting

That mess of pottage, that mesmerizing mass taking up my workspace, is roughly 2,500 comics from the early 1990's. My father and I bought them all (and roughly 1,000 more) in 1999 for $250 from a local shop that was changing ownership (the shop, and it's owner, were a big part of my mis-spent youth, but that's another story).

They have sat in storage almost ever since, getting moved around from location to location by my dad getting mishandled and abused. The idea was initially to sell them at a discount to convenience stores in his (bad) neighborhood... and they were more than happy to take them.

Paying for them, not so much. So the hare-brained idea was abandoned.

Until now.

I have them now, and I'll be re-bagging-and-boarding and trying to sell them off. One by one, or in bulk. Know anyone who needs, oh... 100 copies of Valiant Comics' Secret Weapons Number 1? Or a few dozen copies of X-Force Number 1? Maybe some Lobo: Blazing Chain of Love?

I'll be cataloging them on Comics Price Guide dot com, under the username joegekko. Take a look in the next few days. Maybe I have something you need to finish off your collection. Especially if you need 20 or 30 copies of Turok Dinosaur Hunter.

Anyway. All of this comicing is preventing me from painting, which is a real shame. I bought some new brushes that I'd love to be trying out.

We don't have an artist supply store near where I live, so I have to try to find decent brushes at a craft store down the street. Usually, it's a bust. I don't have very good luck with taklon brushes, out of the 45 or 50 that I've bought, I have 1 that has been consistently useful (a Number 3 that has shaped itself into a very fine blade type point).

The cheapo set above is (supposedly) red sable... although, where the manufacturer found weasels to give up there tail-hair for such a low price, I have no idea.

I really want to try out my new brushes. But comics call. And my girlfriend wants the living room back.

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